At the present time, spray-guns such as the XSD, the more recent MT and the plus PVD kits have made history in leather finishing and continue to do so, with their models being put forward for a wide range of performance.

Do not be surprised that the leading companies manufacturing spay systems use spraycolor products, in the knowledge that they can count on excellent technical staff with a technical background spanning over forty years.

Today spraycolor® has succeeded in operating in a wide range of sectors, by applying a rigid production protocol that begins with the selection of high-quality materials and continues with production standards that can be reproduced with absolute precision over the years. The company’s mission is reliability, performance and ease of maintenance, and will always continue to be so.

It is no coincidence that our brochure states that “we invent the future”

advantages SPRAYCOLOR ®

quality of the coating

Long experience has seen our production adapt to any type of plant or spray booth spray ensuring the best results.

Duration of mechanical components

Due to the distinctive new concept such as needle, rod, and head nozzle with anti-wear protective coatings on titanium, spray guns SPRAYCOLOR® are synonymous with reliability and economy.

Energy saving and paint

The need for energy conservation and environmental compliance have been the focus of research company. The project ESP (Energy Save Program) led to the creation of the MT model.