RP100 flow regulator

The spraycolor® RP100 flow regulator was designed to simplify the dosing operations of the product flow to the spray-guns.

What does it consist in?

Let us suppose that we have a rotating paint spray booth with 12 spray-guns installed and that we have to adjust the paint flow to each spray-gun, the first operation to carry out will be to stop the machinery (therefore production standstill), it will then be necessary to adjust the paint flow to every single spray-gun.
An experienced technician will require an average time of 5 minutes, provided that once the operation has been carried out an optimal product amount has been reached and no further adjustments are required.

The operation described above is repeated dozens of times on the spraying plants during the day.

Now let us suppose that we install the RP100 in the paint spray booth under consideration: the only precaution will be that of opening all the way, only for the first time, the step-by-step flow adjustment of each single spray-gun; we will then start producing and whenever an output increase or decrease is required it will be sufficient to act on the regulator knob and read the indications on the gauge.
Having performed this operation we will have dedicated 5 seconds instead of the 5 minutes spent previously without ever having interrupted the production.


  • Reducing to zero any time (machine standstill) required for the individual adjustment of every spray-gun.
  • Simultaneous product flow adjustment for up to a maximum of 14 spray-guns with 1.2 mm
  • Paint pressure stabilization during product flow to spray-guns
  • Precision in the amount of product fed to every single spray-gun
  • Quick installation of the RP100 on any type of plant without having to carry out any modification to the same
  • Perfecting the fan pattern (rose) of the spray-guns as the atomization air pressure always remains the same even in case you need to atomize only a small amount of product.