The spraycolor® MT model uses top level “made in Italy” technology and differs from the other products especially in terms of its spray system, which uses softpressure® technology. Another of its distinctive features is ease of maintenance, which the customer can carry out directly on the apparatus without the need for assistance by specialized staff.

MT is the first spray-gun to be positioned in an innovative, high efficiency use bracket which can give an exceptional finish combined with significantly lower product consumption equal to an HVLP.

Utilising the magnetic technology patent, it can provide excellent, unprecedented covering, working at lower pulverization pressures with a resulting product saving. The output stream is directed through our special patented nozzle which is able to aim every single particle of product with the same polarity.

5 key points

1 Certified DIN EN 13966-1
2 Easy maintenance
3 Delicate painting (ideal for items with low thickness)
4 Reduced overspray
5 High transfer efficiency

Low Pressure

  • START 1.6 BAR
  • lower air consumption
  • decrease of overspray
  • saving 30% air
  • -30% energy
  • -30% paint

Technical characteristics

  • air pressure of opening command : CYL 3.5 bar max 4.0 bar
  • pressure of paint inlet: 1 bar
  • air pressure of atomization: ATO 1,6 max 2,5 bar
  • Weight: 1100 g
  • Consumption: 180 l/min
  • Ideal for products with low density
  • connections for air and paint: G ¼”
  • fixing to the machine: 1 hole Ø 10

Available diameters: Ø 0.8 – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.5
Available heads : J

The package contains

  • test certificate bearing the product serial number (useful for technical support)
  • user and maintenance manual
  • 3mm. Allen key
  • 2 1/4” caps
  • Needle extractor

The spraycolor MT model offers the best of


Saves coating

With its 1.6 bar processing pressure, Spraycolor MT reduces the consumption of coating while keeping the high standard of finish required for the processing unchanged

Cuts Over Spray

With approximately 165 litres/min. of air utilized, MT is the spray-gun with the lowest consumption in its category: up to 30% savings compared with the norm, thus greatly reducing the over spray to be purified on exit from the spray machinery

Reduces electricity consumption

By working at full capacity with such a low pressure, MT requires less compressed air and therefore provides marked savings in the electrical energy required to produce it