This new paint spray gun typology was created to satisfy customers requiring high productivity without having to renounce maximum performance in the finishing stage.
Indeed, in the recent past the old HVLP systems were never able to provide the same finishing performance compared to the models using standard pressures.
Now with the VS03 everything is possible. It is unique in combining in fact a low pressure EXTRA LARGE type of spraying with a design and compactness making it easy to install the product on any plant without having to carry out any modification.

The DIN EN-UNI 13966 certification attests that VS03 enables the user to MAXIMIZE the TRANSFER of the chemical product without generating any waste in the environment and allowing an unprecedented level of finish.

VS03 is simply a big step forward towards the future of modern painting.

Available diameters: Ø 0.8 – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.5 (other diameters on request)
Available heads: V – VX – S

5 key points

1- UNI standard certification
2- XL size spray pattern
3- compact design
4- high transfer of chemical product
5- best possible finish for an HVLP

Technical characteristics

  • air pressure of opening command: CYL 3.5 bar max 4.0 bar
  • pressure of paint inlet: 1 bar
  • air pressure of atomization: ATO 1,8 – 2.4 bar
  • Weight: 780 gr
  • Consumption: 220 l/min
  • Ideal for products with high, medium, low density
  • connections for air and paint: G ¼”
  • fixing to the machine: 3 holes Ø 10

The package contains

  • Machine fastening support
  • Test certificate bearing the product serial number (useful for technical support)
  • User and maintenance manual