Pistole automatiche per verniciatura industriale





No smoke to be purified

Working pressure 0,4 bar
High transfer index

spraycolor® VSE  VOLUMETRIC

It is the revolutionary project kept for 2017, allowing to obtain a high quality finish with just a pressure of 0,4 bar.
The traditional volumetric systems available on the market offer at 0,7 bar a non-satisfactory product finish level forcing the customer to have another plant dedicated only to this phase.
VSE can offer at a PRESSURE of 0,4 bar a LEVEL OF PULVERIZATION THAT CANNOT BE COMPARED to that of any other product at present available on the market.
We can consider VSE as having reached the apex for a product which is technologically unique in the world.

Available diameters: Ø 0.8 – 1.0
Available heads : Ecology



5 key points

1. very high finish
2. no smoke to be purified
3. working pressure 0,4 bar
4. high transfer index
5. installable on any plant preset for volumetric systems

Technical characteristics

  • air pressure of opening command: CYL 3.5 bar max 4.0 bar
  • pressure of paint inlet: 1 bar
  • air pressure of atomization: ATO 0,4 max 1
  • Weight: 850 g
  • Consumption: 280 l/min
  • Ideal for products with high, medium, low density
  • connections for air and paint: G ¼” paint inlet, control air G 3/8" atomization inlets
  • fixing to the machine: 3 holes Ø 10

The package contains

  • Machine fixing support
  • test certificate bearing the product serial number (useful for technical support)
  • user and maintenance manual
  • 1/4” plug

Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Instruction Manual

Use and maintenance manual